Time to Get RE-FOCUSED Buzz


A beautiful sunny Friday morning to you from Columbus!

Is everyone over last Saturday night yet?…Remember that game is NOT coming back so let’s just forget about it and move on.

Stick with me—PLENTY of FOOTBALL…TWO spots. That’s it Boys and Girls..we move up two spots and we are back in the Final 4. And trust me on this one we WANT Mi##igan to keep winning!

Big weekend for Week #9…. Will it produce some upsets that benefit the Buckeyes?

Mi##igan @ Michigan State

Go WOLVERINES!…That’s right. IF Mi##igan loses before our game and then we defeat them they will have two conference losses. And POTENTIALLY if Penn State runs the table we would finish tied in the East with PSU with one conference loss. The tie-breaker when there are only two teams is head-to-head. HOWEVER if Mi##igan remains unbeaten and we beat them on 11/26–and it’s a (3-way tie)– it goes to best record and the Buckeyes are off to Indy. Add in the fact that Sparty just sucks this year. Mi##igan remembers the fluke punt last year that cost them the game- Mi##igan- 48 Michigan State- 17

Nebraska @ Wisconsin

A very interesting game for control of the WEST division in the BT. Since both of these teams (Nebraska next week) are on OSU’s schedule—whoever finishes higher makes no difference. Four Big Ten teams now reside in the Top-10—BUT, we will start to beat up each other so that will be tough to continue. All I will say is since Nebraska has not lost yet the only way the Badgers remain in the Top-10 is to not lose again. We are going to find out what Nebraska is made of this week…Buzz still likes the Badgers in a close one…Wisconsin- 21 Nebraska-17

Miami @ Notre Dame

LMAO…Two programs that have ZERO relevance anymore in college football. Hurricanes vs. Fighting Irish…It used to be “Convicts vs. Catholics”…yes I’m dating myself. Great weather in South Bend, so the Floridians will not have any trouble with the cold. I think a win should put Notre Dame in the mix for the Final 4?…Buzz like Miami …Miami- 34 ND- 24

The Buzz also likes…Oklahoma to continue to run the table and blast Kansas…Sooners- 56 Jayhawks- 24….Texas A&M crushes New Mexico StateAggies- 48 Lobos- 17

UPSET Special (S)…That could affect Top -10

West Virginia @ Oklahoma State…Careful Mountaineers…. On the road, Big-12 Shootout in Stillwater…Okie State- 38 WVU- 31

Washington @ Utah…Huskies in the Top 5 and poised to get into the conversation for the Final 4 when those ranking come out for the first time on Monday…Tough to play in UTAH…be careful Huskies…Utes- 31 Huskies-30

Game of the Day

Clemson @ Florida State

If the two upsets mentioned above don’t happen– this one also has potential. Saturday night, on the road, revenge for the Seminoles. Throw in the fact that Clemson has been up and down this year including a “lucky” win last week at home against NC State. Is FSU ready for the upset which could change next week’s rankings?…I think so…FSU- 35 Tigers- 27

REAL Game of the Day

Northwestern @ Ohio State

Bounce back?…Re-Focus?…

Young team loses for the first time and realizes it’s not that easy to win every game. You think the coaches had everyone’s attention this week? It is time for the leaders of this team to step up.

REMEMBER…as Urban said after the game… “EVERYTHING- EVERY GOAL is still alive”. Forget last Saturday and move on.

After struggling early in the season Northwestern has bounced back to win three Big Ten games in a row. Their offense has been clicking. BUT remember, you can’t really pin the loss last week on OSU’s defense. Take away the last drive of the first half for PSU and the defense played well enough to win.

Back home in the ‘Shoe…Weather forecast is for unseasonably warm and in the mid-70’s.

Everyone relax.

In the end Ohio State has too much and the Buckeyes are fired up to avenge last week’s poor performance…Ohio State- 43 Northwestern- 20

Here’s to (7-1)…and moving up in the polls?

Proud to be a Buckeye!

Go Bucks