Are Bert & Ernie Really Gay Buzz?


A beautiful Friday morning to you from Columbus….a little too hot for me, (Where is that cool weather) … but Gameday is supposed to be nice tomorrow.

Okay…Having a little fun but you wonder why no one watches the news anymore…yes I know I work at a TV station but we laugh at ourselves as well…but, since we try and stay current here at the Buzz–this “important” story had NBC Nationally doing a 4 minute piece this week on whether Bert & Ernie are gay?…REALLY?…BULLETIN NBC they are PUPPETS!! Not actually humans…LMAO.

Next week the Buzz will dig deep to let you know what we learn about Bert & Ernie…Tom & Jerry…Elmo…& Scooby-Doo!

Okay…back to humans…Week #4 as we come up on the ¼ pole of the college football season- take these picks to Vegas this weekend at your risk…

Nebraska @ Michigan

Obviously, the start of the season and the start of the Scott Frost era has NOT gone the way the Cornhusker faithful thought it would. Last weekends loss to Troy- ouch. After losing in the opener Mr. Khaki has the Wolverines playing better- but let’s be honest the competition has not been great. With games these next three weekends against (Nebraska-Northwestern & Maryland) the Wolverines should be (5-1) when the schedule gets tougher (Wisconsin-MSU & Penn State). Mi##igan’s defense sets the tone in this one as they win going away. Wolverines-38 Cornhuskers- 17   

TCU @ Texas

No time to be down on yourself if you are TCU after their hard-fought loss to the Buckeyes. Right back into a big-time game with Texas. The Longhorns are coming off a convincing win over USC (No biggie-the Trojans aren’t any good). The Longhorn faithful are getting a little restless with Tom Herman and a big win here could help take off the pressure. Honestly, the Buzz just thinks TCU…not Texas has the better athletes. That TCU win for the Buckeyes is going to look good come end of the season. TCU goes to Texas and gets it done…Horned Frogs-30 Longhorns- 24   

ND @ Wake Forest

Yes, I know we keep picking against the Irish…and somehow the little leprechauns keep winning. The Irish have more tradition than Wake…They have more 4- & 5-star players…. They have…okay you get the picture. NOT SO FAST…as much as we have analyzed this the Buzz still likes Wake. Demon Deacons-27 Notre Dame-24

Upset Special…

Mississippi State @Kentucky

Don’t look now but the Wildcats are 3-0…NO I’m not talking about basketball I’m talking about football. RB Benny Snell (Westerville Grad) has been great and a 10-point underdog @ home? A night game and they aren’t even racing at Keeneland!…Hey I’m no dummy I’m married to a UK Wildcat…Kentucky- 35 Miss State- 31

Also look for Auburn to bounce back and crush Arkansas (Where is BERT?) by the way? Tigers- 48 Razorbacks-13…. Your Friday night special this week as the Nittany Lions travel to Illinois before their match-up with Ohio State…Penn State- 45 Illinois- 20

Game of the Day 1

Wisconsin @ Iowa

Can I pick this final score as (6-3) with three FGs? I mean both offenses are boring. Both run the football and have (at best) mediocre quarterbacks. These two rivals usually just pound away with the home team winning. At (3-0) Iowa could position themselves as the leader to get to Indy and represent the SAD West division. Wisky wins and they are clearly in the driver’s seat but how much will anyone care if Wisconsin gets back to Indy with one loss? Which was a bad loss last week against BYU. Tough, hard nose game but I look for Wisconsin to bounce back in a close one…Wisconsin- 24 Iowa-21

Game of the West Coast…Stanford @ Oregon

Finally, back in a “big” game the Ducks come in (3-0) …although their wins are against Bowling Green- Portland State and San Jose State- not exactly a murderer’s row. Winner here trying to boost the national perception of the Pac-12. after Washington’s loss to Auburn in Week #1. The Ducks offense is rolling but Stanford will try and control the ball with Bryce Love. Like the Cardinal in this one close…Stanford-31 Oregon-30

REAL Game of the Day… Tulane @ OSU

OK…yes Bosa is gone for a while. It stings but time to move forward. With Urban being back on the sideline there should be a little extra juice in the ‘Shoe.

Tulane runs the triple-option so looks for it to take a little while to adjust to what the Green Wave is doing. Big game last week in DALLAS…HUGE game next week in State College. So, it seems natural that Ohio State would have a little let down with this game in between.

The offense is humming let’s be honest #2 in the nation in scoring

Ok…trying to make this sound dramatic but come on its Tulane!…The only prediction I’ll make this week- Butch & Paul’s Tailgate will be open by halftime

Here’s to (4-0)…

Proud to be a Buckeye…

Go Bucks