Butch’s Buzz

“First REAL test…CHECK ” Buzz…


A good Monday afternoon to you from rainy CBUS….but don’t fret, all is good after our weekend in Texas!

That’s right…first real test of the season, “road game” (Okay it really wasn’t a road game when you have more than half the crowd) Top #15 team, a team with speed, and a QB getting his first real start…we pass with flying colors.

AND…speaking of flying colors…the Buzz going a sparkling (6-1) on the weekend. YES I know my only loss was the Vandy trying to upset ND…but you know the story there. We said OSU would win 45-23…and it ended 40-28…so not bad.


  • This new QB can throw the ball (LOL)…11 TD’s, 1 INT on the year so far. And WOW he throws a nice ball
  • Ryan Day…come on let’s be real here- do you really think he’s going to be around much longer in Columbus? But great job of play calling
  • The Offense…Look this team can score. Dobbins & Weber on the ground and at least 6 WRS who can take it to the house—now let’s not get conservative once Urban is back
  • BUCKEYE NATION…makes no difference where we play- you bring it
  • Scoring offense…#2 in the nation


  • While the D-Line is DEEP, the loss of the best defensive player in the nation in Nick Bosa is going to hurt & my sources tell me this may be worse than we think- keep your fingers crossed
  • DB’s…Guys you have to start judging the deep pass better- come on let’s get that fixed
  • Outside of that not much to complain about- although we were down in the 2nd half you could see we were still moving the ball so we were fine

What we learned this weekend

  • (See last week)…The Florida schools still suck
  • Looks like Scott Frost’s rebuilding job is gonna’ take longer than people think and Big Ten– get your act together
  • LSU vs. OSU in one National Semi-Final game?—LOL—Long way to go
  • Hey…look here…Texas won a game. But don’t look now you have TCU this weekend

Tweets & Comments…let’s take another looking at some crazy things said or funny tweets from this past weekend

One of my favorites…@FakeUrban tweeting to Nick Bosa prior to OSU taking the field @ AT&T Stadium- “Once you arrive @ AT&T stadium plz tell me if portions of Sam Darnold’s ass r still on the field where you destroyed him in the Cotton Bowl”

Joey Galloway on ESPN- “As far as talent, Ohio State is right there with Alabama & Georgia”

And one of my favorite’s @CoachLouHoltz88 Thought for the day-, “Everyone needs four things in life or you will have a void in your life…You need something to do…Someone to Love…someone to believe in…and something to hope for”

Here’s to (3-0)…and keeping the train moving forward..Urban is back

Proud to be a Buckeye…

Go Bucks