Week #2 Buzz


A Good Friday afternoon to you all from overcast Columbus- I hope you enjoyed the first weekend of college football. If last week was any indication then this should be a wild year.

Of course the Buckeyes benefitted moving up to #4 in the polls, but it’s early so let’s not get too excited just yet…But what did we learn?

• “Little Game” Bob hasn’t changed a bit…he usually blows one early in the season!

• The SEC, as usual has one great and a bunch of average teams- so the media missed again

• The Pac-12 –well basketball season can’t come quick enough

• Colin Cowherd is the most disappointed talk show host with his beloved Trojans in a mess

• And last but not least Les Miles…is well Les Miles

The Big-10 opened with some solid wins last weekend with Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska just to name a few.

If last week was the BEST first week of games in recent memory..Week #2 should be dubbed a complete failure as finding big games will be hard to do!

But, let’s get to it.

UCF @ Mi##igan

First Hawaii…next up University of Central Florida. As we told you in our season opening Buzz with the first five games at home vs. inferior opponents the Wolverines have a great chance to remain in the Top 5 for the next month and a half. The Knights play an up tempo game but that might actually play into the more athletic Wolverines hands…Mi##igan rolls for the second weekend in a row…The Khaki’s- 50 Central Florida- 17

Penn State @ Pitt

WOW…growing up in “The Valley” this was one of the biggest rivalry games outside of (Ohio State- Mi##igan). But with the Nittany Lions departing to the Big Ten these two schools have not met—man am I getting old—in 16 years!. Pitt with an emotional win last week as running back James Conner returned from his battle with cancer. Neither offense is impressive so look for a low scoring game…Nittany Lions- 24 Pitt-20

Nevada @ Notre Dame

As predicted last week on the Buzz, the Irish fell to Texas and now face the possibility of starting the season (0-2) and out of the race to the Final 4–and it’s still September! Nevada…I’ll bet you will never guess who they “nipped” (30-27) last week. No you would not classify them as a FOOTBALL POWER…the actually beat Cal-Poly by a FG…Hummm…I’ll stick with that FG..Nevada- 16 -Notre Dame- 13

The Buzz also likes Oklahoma and “Little Game” Bob gets a much deserved warm up for next weekend when the Buckeyes arrive. Sooners roll La-Monroe, (Sooners- 60 La. Monroe-13) also look for Clemson to blow out Troy—(Clemson- 48 Troy- 17)

Upset of the Day…The Buzz likes Purdue to upset UC this weekend take the Boilers …Purdue- 34 UC- 27

Arkansas @ TCU- Game of Day I

“Fat Ass” Bert was in a real tussle last week LSU…oops sorry it was Louisiana Tech not LSU. They won only (21-20). Bert is always worried about how TOUGH the SEC is…well you better be concerned about TCU. Take the Horned Frogs in this one TCU- 45 Arkansas- 27


Tulsa @ Ohio State

There was much to be excited about last week as the offense put up 77 points against Bowling Green. And while that won’t happen this weekend, I will say I was impressed with some of the speed of our wide outs. Look for the Buckeyes to continue to throw the football around and rack up some points.

On defense let’s not forget the only touchdown that BG scored was against OSU’s offense. The defense did not give up a touchdown, and while we lost a key defensive lineman we have great depth at that position.

The Buckeye’s might be looking ahead to next weekend’s game against the Sooners so here’s to thinking they might start slow. And to Tulsa’s credit they do have a fast paced offense that can put up some points. They have not however faced a defense that can run faster than they can.

In the end the Buckeyes turn this game into a warm-up for next weekend…

Ohio State- 54 Tulsa- 20

Here’s to (2-0)…and remaining in the Top 5.

Proud to be a Buckeye!

Go Bucks